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How Do We Package Your Order?

Picture of a package box for one of Papa Giraffe's customers
Papa Giraffe's Packaging slip

Packaging an Order

As a clothing brand, Papa Giraffe is trying to take as many green steps as it can. Many of the products that we sell and the supplies we obtain come in separate plastic packaging making it one of the biggest reasons as to why it has become our mission to make environmentally conscious choices to help reduce waste and decrease our carbon footprint.

Papa Giraffe has asked all of its manufacturers to reduce the number of individual plastic packaging and waste shipped with supplies and products; Any packaging that is sent alongside our orders is either being used or reused, handed out to our staff for their trash bag needs, or sent back to our manufacturers when the opportunity rises.

Papa Giraffe has recently switched its packaging from plastic slips to recyclable paper bags; with the occasional exception of shipping paper boxes in very thin plastic slips, in which we advise all of our customers to recycle by placing a small recycle sign on it! This switch even includes the tape that we have been using in our packaging; which is chosen from recycled materials.

  • Below you can see the contents of our packaging materials, and which of them are made from recycled material and which aren’t:
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