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Papa Giraffe Logo Spinning

Established in 2018,

Papa Giraffe

is a streetwear design and clothing brand based in Ankara - Turkey. Having worked with lots of talented artists and with the help of a brilliant and creative crew, we have managed to create and showcase our wonderful collections to the world. Some of which are meant to be produced constantly to never run out; and some items are to be created in specified limited amounts. We try our best to provide our customers with original and unique designs for them to wear and showcase happily.  

a model wearing Ankara Core white base pull over hoodie
Two Models wearing Papa Giraffe T-Shirts

Papa Giraffe's Reach

What started as a small hobby has now turned into a small business that is selling in multiple physical stands and at various different sale channels; Allowing Papa Giraffe to grow with every single moment.

These different pop-up stands contain a lot of different items that cannot be found on our website, making them unique to the place and the vibe we are trying to set. A lot of our limited-edition products can also be found in our most popular stands.

The Team

The Papa Giraffe Team


two models sitting down on a couch wearing sad ribbits hoodie & T-shirt

The Vibes We Are Giving

We honestly do not care what your race, sexuality, identification or purpose is on this planet. Our mission is to provide you with comfy and stylish streetwear that you can purchase at a decent price while trying to stay up-to-date with world events around us. 

"IN STREETWEAR WE TRUST" is our brand's slogan. We want you to believe in uniquely designed & original clothing. We want to stand-out from others by providing you with those items that no one else has. Yes, every now and then we do not do a great job following that theme.. but we really try our hardest.

We love trying out new things and going on new ventures, we also love traditions and Artist Collaboration is one of our favorite things to do. It is our way of giving and taking from the art community, it also helps us grow as a brand and keeps us in touch with others!

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