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Help Section

Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

Do you have a size guide?

Of course we have a size guide for all of our clothes! Each product's size guide is placed in the "additional information" section found under the product's description!

  • But just for reference; here they are summed up all nice and neat.
    Oversize Tee's Size Guide: Pull Over & Zip-Up Hoodie's Size Guide: Crewneck Sweater's Size Guide:

How can I pay?

Papa Giraffe's website has contracted with both Iyzico & PAYTR, third party POS, to ease your purchasing experience with us! Choosing either wouldn't change your purchasing experience; Its just meant for our customers to have a go with the platform they feel most comfy with.

Through their POS systems you can complete your purchases in a secure and a protected way without having to worry about any of your information being stolen.

In case you have difficulty with Iyzico's or PAYTR's systems, you are always welcome to check out manually where you will complete your payment through your bank carrier. By EFT or money transfer to the following bank account;

Bank: İş Bankasi

Name: Ibrahim Obada

İBAN: TR04 0006 4000 0014 3630 1929 74

Note: Make sure to write your Order number in the description. If you do not send us a receipt to our email address of your money transfer within 24-hours of your purchase, your order will be canceled and will not be processed.

Email: with the subject: Order #[Order No.] - Receipt.

What are LIMITED EDITION products?

Limited edition products are available for either a limited time or a limited quantity making them unique to customers who got their hands on them first! They are usually printed after the orders have been ordered, to make sure we do not print extras of that item and assure that they stay unique to our customers.

What are PRE-ORDER products?

Pre-order products are items that we put up on sale before the production of the product itself. This way, it helps us ensure that we are neither overproducing or underproducing an item while managing to keep up with demand itself. Although, you the customer, will have to wait a little longer for your shipment to arrive (please check the product's description for more details about production and shipping times!), pre-order items come as a limited edition and we only produce as much as the amount of the orders that we received for it.

Our pre-order products come with tag "pre-order" on them and a disclaimer in their description. Please note that no refunds or exchanges are allowed; ensure that you have consulted with our size chart before completing your purchase.

Washing Instructions

  • Wash while flipped at a max of 30°C

  • Do NOT tumble dry.

  • Should be ironed at a medium temperature while flipped.

  • Washed used liquid detergent.

Please Note that if the previous instructions weren't followed, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your goods.

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